Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Can Gender Be Fluid?

There is a lot of talk and controversy around gender these days.

I found this article on the topic very interesting:

Israel study: Men still men, women still women

Apparently gender is in our DNA even if our outward appearance changes.  Some may find this study, or any other sources that reach the same conclusion, tough to hear. We have to remember that if the only truths we accept are the ones we like, then we are not really seeking truth; just comfort and selfishness.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

People Are More Than the Sum of Their Ballot

   It seems common place these days to sum up all of a person's values, beliefs, and friendship potential based solely on who they voted for.  This trend serves only to divide us further, and to stop all constructive debate before it starts.  What a poor measure of a man his ballot is.

What a Ballot Does and Does Not Say
  A ballot does make some statements about a person. I am not arguing that they are meaningless.  However, what they reveal has many limitations and only makes statements about how the voter felt at the time they completed their ballot.

A few things we can generally infer about a voter from their ballot:
- They care enough to register and vote.
- What political party they voted for during this particular election.
- Who they voted for.

A few things we cannot infer about a voter from their ballot:
- Why they voted the way they did.
- If they support 100% of all beliefs and values help by the candidate they selected.
- If they are an informed voter who researched all their options thoroughly.
- If they were voting for what appeared to be the lesser of two evils, from their perspective.
- If they were considering not voting at all or voting for a third party, because they disapprove of both major parties and government corruption in general.

There is no law that says a ballot will reflect the voter's most deeply held beliefs for all time.

Open Communication is Dying in Our Society
 The main point of this post is tolerance. Tolerance of views you disagree with. When I say tolerance, I don't mean letting those you disagree with walk freely without fear of imprisonment.  I mean still considering them human beings worthy of: conversation, hearing their perspective, not being called names and labeled, and still containing friendship potential.  If you really what to change the world you need to do more than fill in a bubble on a ballot and shun all those who selected the other bubble.  Real world change will happen when we work hard to maintain friendships with those we disagree with.  If they are really so far off the mark, they need you to show them the error of their ways with gentleness and respect.  Sometimes this means being friends for a very long time while still disagreeing.  We do not have to agree and endorse all views held by those we care for. 

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Who is Jesus?

    One of the most compelling figures in all of human history is Jesus. His short three-decade life has affected more people in more places in every generation than any other single individual. His prophesied birth, His remarkable life and teachings, His claims and attesting miracles, and His reported death and resurrection all are unique among all men. It is no wonder then, that scholars and sages, common women and men, slaves and kings all have found Him to be at least a model to follow, if not the Savior to believe in. 
   The New Testament identifies Him as, “The Christ.” Christ is not His name, but His title, the Hebrew term for the one unique person predicted from ancient times to come and set wrong right, and to restore our relationship with God, our Creator. But, to quote Jesus himself, “Who do you say I am?” (Matthew 16:15). 
      More important than the consensus of millions of others of every age is your evaluation of who Jesus was and is, and your decision about how to respond to Him. Is He the most important person you will have ever met? Or is He merely a historical figure, fascinating and intriguing, but having no real claim on you or your life? Certainly, this is the question that will determine whether you become a Jew, a Muslim or a Christian (if you believe in a single, personal God). But, according to the New Testament, your answer will either open the door to a gracious relationship with the Living God, or it will forever shut it. Eternity hangs in the balance of your answer to this one single question: “Was what Jesus did enough to make me right with God?”