Saturday, April 29, 2017

Who is Jesus?

    One of the most compelling figures in all of human history is Jesus. His short three-decade life has affected more people in more places in every generation than any other single individual. His prophesied birth, His remarkable life and teachings, His claims and attesting miracles, and His reported death and resurrection all are unique among all men. It is no wonder then, that scholars and sages, common women and men, slaves and kings all have found Him to be at least a model to follow, if not the Savior to believe in. 
   The New Testament identifies Him as, “The Christ.” Christ is not His name, but His title, the Hebrew term for the one unique person predicted from ancient times to come and set wrong right, and to restore our relationship with God, our Creator. But, to quote Jesus himself, “Who do you say I am?” (Matthew 16:15). 
      More important than the consensus of millions of others of every age is your evaluation of who Jesus was and is, and your decision about how to respond to Him. Is He the most important person you will have ever met? Or is He merely a historical figure, fascinating and intriguing, but having no real claim on you or your life? Certainly, this is the question that will determine whether you become a Jew, a Muslim or a Christian (if you believe in a single, personal God). But, according to the New Testament, your answer will either open the door to a gracious relationship with the Living God, or it will forever shut it. Eternity hangs in the balance of your answer to this one single question: “Was what Jesus did enough to make me right with God?”


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