Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Bible Archaeology: Camels and copper mines

These are good reads.

It seems that "new discovery disproves bible!" is a headline the world loves to print whenever they can stretch the truth that far.

King Solomon's Copper Mines?



Archaeology Confirms the Biblical Account of Camels


Monday, April 13, 2020

Is Jesus God? Did Jesus claim to be God? Only in the book of John?

How did Mark view Jesus: A good teacher or the Messiah?


(there are some suggested resources at the end of that article if you want more info)

Was Jesus a Real Person in History?

Here is an article from CrossExamined.org that covers two of the most well known extra-biblical sources for information on Jesus. It talks about the strengths and weaknesses or their work and makes mention to other extra-biblical sources:

Recommended Book: The Historical Jesus by Gary Habermas

Quote from the book:
“While most scholars today recognize that Jesus was a historical figure, there is a small group that still does not. Habermas reminds the reader that the popularity of a particular position does not provide legitimate evidence, in or of itself, for the historicity of Jesus, so this book will examine the evidence that has convinced the majority of scholars that the historical Jesus existed, and it will make the case that the historical Jesus is the Jesus of Christianity.”

Here is a review of the book on CrossExamined.org. This review provides a book summary chapter by chapter:

If you like the topics mentioned in the review, then you should probably buy the book.

Amazon link for book:

This might be somewhat off topic, but this was an interesting read. This article covers biblical and extra-biblical evidence for the “darkness” mentioned during the death of Jesus.

This article overlaps with the articles above, but also mentioned a few other sources not mentioned in the other articles for more writers who mentioned Jesus.