Saturday, October 17, 2015

Does Death have a Purpose?

I do not want to get too theological, but the world was created by God without death. Death entered the world with Adam sinned and forever made this world broken and cursed.

However, even in this broken world death can have a positive effect.  Sometimes the death of a loved one is the only thing that can get through to us.

  • Death reminds us what is important in life.
  • Death makes us challenge what we value.
  • Death reminds us we are mortal and makes us think about life after death.
  • Death can bring our families closer.
  • Death can remind us we are loved by many people.
  • Death can bring us closer to God. 
  • Death can make someone who believes in no God and no after life, reconsider.
  • Death can get our attention in ways that nothing else can.
  • Death can make us think about how we invest our time.
  • Death can make us reach out to people we would normally ignore.
  • Death can make us improve our lifestyle choices.

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