Sunday, September 27, 2015

Have you been Decieved? Common Lies

Here are some common lies that our culture struggles with. Have you been deceived?

Pursuing happiness is my purpose.Happiness is fleeting. You were created for more than seeking pleasure!
Love is a feeling.Real love is a decision and a choice. It must be grown like a plant. Infatuation does not equal love.
Truth is what I feel it is.Truth is absolute and is dictated by reality.
I'm a pretty good person, I'll probably go to heaven when I die.We are compared to God not to the worse person in society. We all fail when compared to God. You need more than being good.
If I don't feel "in love" anymore, then I need to move to a new relationship.Love is so much more than a feeling. You need to understand what love is before you look for happiness in the wrong places.
Life has no meaning or purposeGod created you. You are not an accident.You are not the result of random chance.
Real men do not express feelingsReal men have feelings, express them, and they even cry sometimes!
Women and men are interchangeableWomen and men are equals, but they have different strengths. We should embrace this, not ignore it!
I cannot help the way I am.Yes we are born faulty and sinful, but we can overcome that! Do not give in.
New means better, improved, superior!Newer does not always mean better. New lies seem to commonly replace old truths. Mankind likes to think we have progressed beyond some things, when really we just recycle our problems into newer problems!
I know what is best for me.Just like a small child, we often demand our way because we know it is best. However, just like a small child, we are often wrong. What we want is often bad, wrong, unhealthy, dangerous, and the cause of many of our major issues without us realizing it.

and so many more.  A comprehensive list would be huge!