Thursday, September 3, 2015

I have given this some thought, perhaps you should look into it?

*Note: If someone sent this article to you, then they care about you! Spend a few minutes to read the article below. It cannot hurt.  It might be the best time investment you've made in a long time.

I am analytical by nature. I am skeptical at first of most everything I see, read, hear, etc...

I am not an idiot. I am not a fool.  I am not happy believing a myth just because it makes me feel good. It has to be real. I am not happy to follow a behavior system simply because it might produce good citizens or good people. It has to have the power to change me. It has to have the power to save me. It has to have the power to help me when I am: lost, hurting, lonely, depressed, tired, over whelmed, confused, and scared.  In other words, I want more than a warm fuzzy feeling about what I accept as true. It has to be supported by reality and be more powerful than me.  A doorknob or a statue just does not cut it!

In other words, I've given my worldview some thought; perhaps even more than you. Have you ever considered your worldview and how it shapes the way you see the world?  Yes, you have a worldview!  We all do.  If you've never intentionally thought about or shaped your worldview then your worldview has been created passively by your experiences, things you have accepted as true, things you have observed, and things you have incorporated into your thought processes.

My worldview is based on the premise that the Christian Bible is 100% true. All 66 books. This may seem foolish to some, but let me go a step further and assert that:

- I believe the Bible is accurate from Genesis (the first book) to Revelation (the last book)
- I believe a biblical worldview describes the goodness and the evil we see in the world around us better than any other explanation.
- I believe that science does not disprove the Bible, but supports its accuracy.
- I believe a biblical worldview answers all the big questions in life better than any other option.
- I believe that Bible gives great advice, provides great wisdom, and gives us great boundaries.
- I believe that living outside the boundaries God sets has serious consequences.

In other words, I believe the Bible is true and that the Bible accurately describes the reality we see each day. You do not have to take my word for it.  I am not asking you to immediately accept my views as accurate. I just want you to consider that your worldview matters. Exploring your current worldview and researching the merits of my worldview are something you should make a high priority! Do not wait until it is too late.

A distorted worldview can utterly destroy your life and leave huge devastation in your wake.  A proper worldview: gives you fulfillment, purpose, helps you make healthy choices, and explains all the big questions in life (where did man come from? what is man's purpose?  Does my life have meaning?  where does evil come from?  etc... ).  Failing to intentionally shape one's worldview can be very dangerous.  It is like gambling with your future and with the future of any people who you have the power to shape their worldview.

Alternative Views
I do not live under a rock, despite what some people may think. I am well aware that every religion in the world makes truth claims about our world and reality.  I am aware of the advancements of science over the last century.  I am aware that some people have discarded the Bible as a fair tale long ago.  It might be popular to believe all of these other views are simultaneously true, but that cannot be. Many of their claims contradict another religions claims.  Proposing 17 answers for the question, 1 + 1 = ? does not make all of them true or none of them true. One of them is still the only correct answer, it just creates a lot of noise so that you might miss the correct answer. 

I would like to finish by saying: questioning your worldview and actually changing the way you have seen the world for many years, can be extremely challenging.  It takes courage, strength, intelligence, and perseverance.  You have to give yourself permission to accept conclusions that are unpopular, uncommon, and possibly difficult to accept.  I think you can do it. It might be the best choice you have ever made!

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