Sunday, January 26, 2014

The greatest battle of your life will NOT be on a battlefield

      The greatest battle of your life will not be on a battlefield, at least not a battlefield like most of us normally thing about. The world spends so much time and resources on conflicts and wars, but so little time dealing with the battle that really matters. So what kind of battle is more important than the wars fought between powerful nations?

       The most important battle ever, is the battle for your mind.  Don't ignore this concept, because this is a real battle.  In this battle their our captors and captives, just like a war fought with guns and bombs.  The most likely captive is your mind, unless you actively defend it!  You mind is the greatest prize the enemy can capture and they use the most dangerous weapon of all....Lies.

   Planting your thoughts and actions firmly in Truth is the best, and only, defense against lies. Bullet proof vests do not protect your mind from being captured. Therefore, don't let truth die on the battlefield of your culture, because if you do, your mind will be the next casualty of the Truth war.

     The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world he didn't exist. Ignoring Jesus Christ has much more serious consequences than simply having your body die for your country over some land dispute or some insult.

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