Monday, March 21, 2016

My Views on Abortion

This article will serve as a detailed explanation of my views on abortion.

My pastor recently used this phrase and it suits so many controversial topics:
 "Compassion and Conviction!"

That is how I feel all Christians should relate to the world when a common cultural view point conflicts with a biblical worldview. Christians often choose compassion or conviction without finding the appropriate balance.

Too much compassion: you accept un-biblical views in order to appease or not hurt the other party.

Too much conviction: you stand your ground, but you make sure the other party knows they are completely wrong and they are going to pay for their bad choice!  You shame them. You reject them. Often you hurt them.

Abortion is wrong. It is murder. As technology improves we can find more and more signs of human life earlier and earlier in the development process of humans in utero.  We also have learned that babies in utero do feel pain [1]. Rejecting that there is a human growing inside of a pregnant woman is harder and harder to do.

However, people who are pro-abortion can still be my friends. They are humans too!  They will never reconsider their stance if they are attacked and insulted.  Many of them are lying to themselves and they know the error of their ways. They don't need someone to attack them to realize what is going on.

Woman who have had an abortion do not need us to judge or condemn them! They need our compassion most of all. Just like the child they abort, they are victims of the terrible lies that our culture is believing. They need help to deal with their emotional wounds, not insults.

There is also data to suggest that abortions can be very dangerous and send women to the hospital! [2]

The pro-abortion movement in the past has used the phrase, "safe, legal, and rare".  However, current and past data would seem to indicate that "safe" and "rare" both seem to not apply. Regarding "legal", I personally have yet to hear a strong argument for why it should be legal to kill a child living in utero.

Sound random quotes, thoughts and phrases:

Everyone who is pro-abortion has already been born!

"Those who summarily advocate a blanket population control [Reagan’s emphasis] should think carefully. Who might they be doing away? Another Lincoln or Bethoven, an Einstein or Edison? Who shall play God?" Reagan wrote.

Some articles and sources you might want to read:

When Human Life Begins | American College of Pediatricians

Life Begins at Fertilization with the Embryo's Conception

41 Quotes From Medical Textbooks Prove Human Life Begins at Conception |

Margaret Sanger Darwinian eugenicist -



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